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參與為期四至十星期的海外義務工作及歷險旅程,年輕人有機會與不同國籍、種族及背景的參加者合作,在有限的資源及時間內,完成各項可持續發展的項目。 歷險會在最基本甚至惡劣的環境條件下進行,是體力與毅力的極大挑戰。完成項目,歷險者得到無可比擬的滿足感和成功感。


Explore the World

and Yourself

Venturers take part in unique 4-week, 7-week, or 10-week expeditions in countries all over the world including Tanzania , Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Nepal throughout the year. People from all walks of life work together in remote places. They work with young people from that country and alongside local workers on much needed community and environmental projects. They also test themselves on tough challenges encountered during the programmes.



Community Work:

From the views of venturers, the greatest satisfaction comes from having the opportunity to work with local communities on projects beneficial to them. The community works range from assisting health authorities , building medical clinics or bridges and schools.



Nepal Adventure Projects:

The adventure project aims to challenge the venturers both physically and mentally. It gives them a chance to breakthrough their physical limits and develop their determination and confidence. Adventure projects always require group's efforts to solve unpredictable difficulties. Venturers learn about the importance of teamwork. Most Venturers find this section of the expedition extremely rewarding . Upon completion of the phase, they feel a great sense of achievement.


這些項目大多由歷險國家建議,雷利則派出歷險員前往完成項目。雷利曾經與美國志願組織 Surgical Eye Expedition (SEE) International 的志願醫生一起工作,歷險者在當地農村進行眼疾調查、建設診所,並在眼科手術中提供協助。此外,雷利也和世界各地的志願組織,如世界自然基金 ( 印度 ) 合作,以及與歷險國家的有關政府部門建立長期夥伴關係,確保項目可持續發展,為更美好的世界出力。

Development Projects:

Projects are often proposed by the governments of host countries and Raleigh provides an enthusiastic and highly motivated group of Venturers to complete the projects. Raleigh may work alongside volunteer surgeons from the U.S.,-based charity Surgical Eye Expedition (SEE) International. Venturers carry out surveys of rural populations, screening them for eye disorders such as cataracts, set up clinics and assist with sight-restoring surgery. Also, Raleigh works with international, national, non-governmental organizations such as WWF India, and builds long-term partnerships the government departments of host countries to make sure that all projects are sustainable and make a difference.




Environmental Scientific Researches:

Environmental projects provide opportunities to Venturers to work with scientists and environmental managers on field-based projects. Raleigh works closely with national park and wildlife authorities and often assists with the development of the infrastructure and survey works for national parks.


Raleigh also provides support for scientific research projects during which Venturers work with geologists, biologists, glaciologists and other natural scientists assisting researches in different environments in the expedition countries. Working on these projects gives Raleigh Venturers the chance to contribute in a practical way towards the study and management of some of the world's most remarkable ecosystems, including tropical and temperate rainforests, deserts and savannahs. Also, the projects help arouse Ventures' awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.

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