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Take This Step and You Will Have A Different Future

How to apply?

Registration for assessment weekend online (Application)



Raleigh Hong Kong selects committed and determined young people aged between 16 and 24, who are residents of Hong Kong, to represent Hong Kong to go on an overseas expedition. Young people with a desire to develop themselves and at the same time help others to improve the environment are ideal applicants. For all candidates, the Raleigh experience they have during the recruitment phase will be the chance to meet others and widen their horizons. The only requirement is able to communicate in basic English.


Project Manager

Raleigh expeditions need well-qualified staff to act as youth leaders, scientific officers, mountaineers, canoeists or medical and safety officers. Individuals aged 25 or above with a genuine interest in youth development and the projects undertaken by Raleigh can apply. Staff will be classified as unpaid volunteers and are required to fund their own airfare and daily living costs. They are expected to be on the expedition for 8 to 13 weeks.


Purposes of Assessment Weekend

To provide an opportunity for young people to better understand themselves, breakthrough their limits and explore their potentials;

To select a suitable candidate to go on the expedition;

To experience the environment and scenario that venturers may encounter in a real expedition (4 to 10-week overseas voluntary services).


It is by itself a positive learning experience and self-developing opportunity to all those who participate. We believe that by participating in an assessment weekend, you will get to know yourself better. So, it is just a small step forward at the start of your Raleigh journey and kick-starts your big step in life.

Selection criteria

There are six major criteria for selection criteria:


1. Accountability 

It involves participants' interests and the goals, including determination, perseverance and ability. In addition, the team rapport in the selection camp and the personal ability to complete the designated tasks are within the selection criteria.


2. Decision-making 

Participants' contributions and decisions to the team. This includes whether the participants listen to other people's opinions, express personal opinions, and whether they are proactive, positive, and decisive.


3. Leadership

Whether the participants can motivate others and take the initiative to complete the task.


4. Adaptability / open-minded attitude

Whether participants can adapt to the new environment, be flexible, be willing to accept new things, new thought, and be willing to learn and benefit from experience.


5. Interpersonal communication

How participants communicate with others, whether they take care of others and support others. Interpersonal communication refers to whether it can be effective to clearly express opinions, thoughts and feelings, and the ability to listen to others and understand the roots of the problems.


6. Team Maintenance

How to work closely with teammates and contribute to the team is an important part of the camp. Participants will be assessed by ex-venturers in this area. Through a scoring system, the adventurer will make an objective and comprehensive assessment on each participant.

How to prepare?

The 30-hour selection camp is a physical and psychological challenge to the participants. Participants are advised to start a physical training one month before the election camp and have adequate rest before the selection camp.


Necessary items:

Please judge for your preparations before the 2-day and 1 night camp. You are not required to bring food, water, cooking utensils, tents and sleeping bags.


Items that must be included include:

1. Waterproof whistle compass;

2. Flash torch or headlight;

3. An empty water tank which can contain 3 liters of water;

4. Personal medicine, e.g asthma pills;

5. A set of wrapped and dry clothes;

6. Raincoat or waterproof jacket;

7. A plastic bag (black and thick).

8. Into food utensils, such as bowls, chopsticks, forks, spoons, etc.

Time and Venue 

The camp will be held in the beautiful suburbs in Hong Kong. The biannual selection camp is usually held in April and November each year.


HK$400 is required to participate in the selection camp. The fee must be submitted, together with the application. (The fee is non-refundable once the registration is accepted)


參加挑戰營, 請即填寫:(申請表 )

歷險者 Venturer

雷利計劃 ( 香港 ) 歡迎十六至廿四歲的香港居民參加。理想的申請者須有志發掘自我潛能並樂於助人及改善環境。雷利計劃的經驗將為每位候選者提供彼此認識並擴闊自我領域的機會,唯一的條件是具備基本英語溝通能力。

義務經理 Volunteer Manager

雷利計劃 ( 香港 ) 需徵用合資格人士擔任青年領隊、科學主任、攀山指導員、獨木舟指導員及醫療與安全主任。凡年滿 25 歲或以上,對青年發展及雷利計劃的內容有濃厚興趣者均歡迎應徵有關職位。職員屬義工性質,並須自行支付機票及日常開支。旅程為期約三至四個月。




讓申請者體驗他們將可能在為期 4 至 10 星期的歷程所面對的環境和挑戰,對歷程有初步認識。



在為期約 30 小時的挑戰營內,參加者將參與一項發掘各人動力、決心、團體精神和能力的活動,為歷程作最佳的身心準備。

甄選營活動的目的旨在選出最適合出征海外歷程的申請者。每個挑戰營會有 20 至 30 位參加者。參加者將以 6 至 10 人一組,一起度過挑戰營。






1. 承擔 / 動力 

2. 決策能力 

3. 領導能力 

4. 適應力 / 開放態度 

5. 人際關係 


如何準備 ?

為期 30 小時的挑戰營,是對參加者的身心的挑戰。參加者最好在挑戰營舉行的一個月前開始體能訓練,並於挑戰營前有充足的休息。



  1. 防水哨子;

  2. 指南針;

  3. 電筒或頭燈;

  4. 足夠容納 3 公升水的空水樽;

  5. 個人藥物,由其是患有哮喘的參加者;

  6. 一套包好及乾爽的衣物;

  7. 雨衣或防水風褸; 

  8. 一個垃圾膠袋 (黑色及厚身)。

  9. 進食用具,例如碗、筷子、 叉、匙等



參加挑戰營需繳付 HK$400 。費用須與申請一同遞交。( 報名一經接納,已繳交的費用將不會退還 )

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