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慈善籌款活動是雷利計劃 ( 香港 ) 整個青少年發展計劃中重要的一環。義工透過籌辦舉各類型慈善籌款活動,建立自信,增強溝通、策劃及時間管理的能力,並更深入認識個人的長短處。這些活動,也讓義工接觸到本地及外國的社區發展和環保工作,是拓闊視野的第一步。


為國際雷利計劃 ( 香港 ) 的本地及海外義務工作籌募經費;


讓大眾透過參與由國際雷利計劃 ( 香港 ) 籌辦的慈善籌款活動,一起分享「雷利體驗」-敢於挑戰、放眼世界。



「雷利挑戰 - 山頭霸王」

Local Fundraising Events


This is one of the most important self-development processes of our youth development programme. Through organizing different fundraising events, Venturers have the opportunities to improve their self-confidence, communication skills, planning and time management abilities and explore their strengths and weaknesses. They can broaden their horizons and knowledge of different communities and environmental conservation projects conducted in Hong Kong and worldwide.



  • To raise funds to support the local and overseas voluntary projects organized by Raleigh Hong Kong;

  • To promote healthy lifestyle;

  • To provide opportunities to the general public to share our Raleigh Experience through joining our events as participants or volunteers.


Hiking event:

  • Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail (RCWT) (since 2000): To complete 80km Wilson Trail in 32 hours in team of 2-4.

  • Raleigh Challenge - Mountain Marathon (RCMM): A two-day trail orienteering competition crossover with camping based on team of 2-4; course ranges from approx. 20 to 70km 80km

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