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Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail (RCWT)

"Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail" was first launched as an internal event in 2000. It was initiated by a group of enthusiastic Raleigh Venturers to raise funds for Raleigh Hong Kong (RHK). Since 2003, the event has been fully open to the public because of the surprisingly good response. Through this event, RHK hopes to promote hiking, conservation as well as healthy lifestyle.


Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail 2015

Event DateĄG 10 - 11 October 2015 (Saturday - Sunday) (subject to permit approval)

Route ĄG Wilson Trail


Event Website ĄG www.raleigh.org.hk/wilsontrail

Event Email ĄG wilsontrail@raleigh.org.hk

Event Hotline ĄG 8101 4622

Event Fax ĄG 3013 8722







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