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An outdoor fundraising marathon/hiking competition Mountain Marathon, organized by registered non profit charity Raleigh Hong Kong, camping, orienteering, mountaineering, sai kung, hong kong trail, country park, lion rock, maclehose trail, wilson trail, tai mo shan, tai tam reservoir, lantau trail

News Update

Update: 10/3/2013

Raleigh Challenge - Mountain Marathon will be open for application on 9 November, 2012! Participants can choose from categories at distance ranging from 15 – 60 km and duration from 1 day to 2 days.

We look forward to your participation in such a challenging and unforgettable event!

Update: 10/3/2013

RCMM2013 Race Results has been announced, click here for details!
Also visit here for RCMM2013 Route Card

Update: 7/3/2013

Thank You for participating in RCMM 2013!! We hope all of you have a great memory! The event photos have been uploaded, check out here!

Update: 27/2/2013

Thank you very much for your participation in Raleigh Challenge-Mountain Marathon (RCMM) 2013! The most exciting moment finally comes! For the details of gathering and registration on 2 March, please click Registration venue.

Update: 8/2/2013

There are several enquiries on the required equipment (tent) lately, please be reminded that each team must carry at least a 2-person tent to accommodate all team members and their equipment.

Update: 22/1/2013

Participants Handbook and Authorization Form For Participant Briefing have been updated, click the above links to download.

Participants Handbook

Update: 20/1/2013

Special thanks to Hong Kong Discovery!

Update: 19/1/2013

The Rules & Regulations, Race Procedures and Registration Details have been updated, please check them out!

Update: 9/1/2013

The Participants Briefing will be held on 20 January 2013, 18:45! This year we have updated the arrangement on Electronic Record System (ERC), please kindly reserve the date for it! The briefing will better equip you for the event.

Update: 2/1/2013

There are limited quota for Mountain Marathon 2013, for those who are interested please submit the application as soon as possible. First come first served! Click here to apply now!

Update: 29/12/2012

The Awards webpage has also been updated. Click here for details.

Update: 18/12/2012

Please note that the details about the usage of Electronic Record System (ERC) are under review. Participants may visit the website regularly to get the updated information.

Update: 26/11/2012

Last Call for Early Bird Application!

The deadline of early bird application for Raleigh Challenge - Mountain Marathon is 30 November 2012. Don't miss the chance!

Update: 7/11/2012

Please find the event details as below:

Raleigh Challenge - Mountain Marathon 2013

Event Date:

2 ~ 3 March 2013 (Saturday & Sunday)

Applications after 28 December 2012 will be placed on the waiting list. Due to limited quota, first-come-first-served.

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